Success Secret of the OAT Procedure for Frozen Shoulder

After having tried everything possible to find the cure and solution to frozen shoulder for so long and after having seen many doctors and therapists, it can be hard to believe one treatment procedure can be so advanced compared to all the other alternatives. The secret lies in Dr. Oolo’s completely unique approach to medicine.

Dr. Oolo Austin was the first doctor in history, with Trigenics®, to develop the “therapeutic neurosummation” concept in combining resisted exercise neurology with simultaneous soft tissue muscle nerve-sensor treatment to reset brain to muscle communication. Since then, in over 20 years of additional clinical research, Dr. Oolo Austin combined specific Trigenics® principles of treatment with new advances, he developed, in shoulder joint mobilization. (Evidence Based Neurological Approach to Multimodal Neurosummation the Trigenics® Decade Review ) It is this combination of unique treatment procedures which enabled Dr. Austin Oolo to discover and develop the world’s first procedure for adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulderwhich safely and instantly separates the frozen shoulder adhesion to immediately open the shoulder and restore arm movement and quality of life.

Patients Fly From All Over the World for the OAT Procedure

Waiting list time to have the OAT procedure performed is normally 2 – 3 months and sometimes longer depending on demand. Patients literally fly to the Trigenics® Frozen Shoulder Clinic in Toronto from all over the world to be cured of their frozen shoulders and finally regain their quality of life. Patients have flown from Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, South America, Central America and North America to have the procedure performed.

The longer one waits and suffers with immobility from frozen shoulder, the more permanent deteriorative damage can occur in that persons shoulder. Even the most popular and specialized frozen shoulder web sites or treatment techniques cannot provide their attending patients with a cure in one visit and still end up taking many months of treatment to get results. You do not have to take any risks in attending for dangerous procedures or lose valuable time and pay for ongoing months of slow and painful therapy. You can regain your shoulder mobility in one procedure by attending for the Oolo-Austin Trigenics® Frozen Shoulder Recovery Procedure (OAT).


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